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Back after many, many years and finally producing something that wasn't a scrawl in pencil or pen, i'm now drawing directly digital, which i'm still getting to grips with.

I tend to draw a fair bit of fanart depending on my mood. At the moment my gallery has been somewhat dominated by Powergirl. I also draw other DC/Marvel/2000AD comic related images, anime or computer game fanart, my own original fantasy and sci-fi characters, and the occasional Transformer and Warhammer 40'000 image.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Pop, J-Pop, Classical, pretty much anything that sounds good to me
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime, Invader Zimm, Brock Samson,
I have to admit i haven't cared much for the New 52 Wonder Woman that has been provided by Brian Azzarello, even if it has been hailed as an excellent run by many. Diana herself has been... okay, bland but okay. Then again, it shouldn't be that hard to get Wonder Woman reasonably accurate in feel ( anymore than Batman or Superman ).

In fact i would argue the only reason this story run was so seemingly successful and lauded was due to Cliff Changs artwork, that apparently blinded readers to the writing. Had the artwork been provided by Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, or an artist of similar cloth, i don't think the title would have been given the same level of praise, and it would have received more criticism.

Among the disappointing things done were the alterations to Diana's origin. In the old DC Universe, Diana was formed from clay by her mother Hippolyte ( or Hippolyta ) and given life by several of the Primary Greek Goddesses ( and the minor God Hermes, so it is worth noting she wasn't devoid of having a male involved in her creation/birth ). This origin is vaguely comparable to the greek myth of Galatea ( a perfect, artificial woman given life by the Goddess Aphrodite ), but by and large it gave her an interestingly unique quality. It was mythic.

But with the New 52 version, this was jettisoned in favour of revealing that the 'Clay Myth' was just that, a myth, a lie told to Diana to hide that Diana had a father, and that the one who sired her was no less than the King of the Greek Gods, Zeus. It still cracks me up that Diana, the Iconic female hero of DC, now derives all of her might from a male god, from Zeus himself, who Diana's mother Hippolyta apparently just couldn't resist after having a drawn out combat against him...

Now having a Greek God or Demi-god as her actual father is an idea that has been toyed with before. Yet toying with the idea with possible or unexpected choices is one thing, actually having Zeus as her father feels... lazy, and given Zeus's generally questionable behavior with women in the myths, i'm amazed so few Wonder Woman fans have complained. If DC were so set on giving Diana a father they would have been better off with Hippolyta falling in love with a non powered but heroic/decent man, be it Steve Trevor Senior, Alfred the -not yet- Butler, or whoever.

In the end, having her as the daughter of Zeus robs Diana of her own myth, making her much more in line with a typical demi-god hero that  also reduces her stature while pretending to elevate her, and that is a pity.
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Over the last 3 years i had been waiting for DC to bring Power Girl back, not the current 'New 52 Supergirl of Earth 2', but an actual Power Girl more akin to the old DC universe one ( you know, the smart, witty, but mildly short tempered and at times uptight version who had existential issues, never used the Supergirl identity, had a cat that was once kidnapped, carried a bit more muscle, was taller and had a fondness for direct approaches in combat. Oh, and generally wouldn't be seen wearing the 'S' shield or a variant of it unless it was on a T-shirt ). But it isn't happening, and it looks increasingly unlikely it ever will.

The differences between the Modern era Power Girl and the New 52 Power Girl are quite marked now with an origin at last provided for the New 52 version. At the very least it explains why her personality is so radically different, but ultimately it kind of obliterates what made Power Girl who she was.

Looking at the origin of the New 52 Powergirl, she left Krypton looking roughly about 5 years old, right after forming a connection/bond to the same age Val Zod ( Earth 2's current Superman after the original fell to Darksied ) , her ship arrived on Earth without her aging much and she was raised in an apparently very happy manner by an adult Superman and Lois Lane. She went on to adopt the identity of Supergirl when she reached her teens. She would never have even used the name Power Girl if she hadn't found herself trapped on an alternate Earth, one that she was desperate to get off to find her way home.

She -eventually- adopted a costume like old DC Universe Power Girls, but she is pretty much Supergirl ( with even the near exact build of Supergirl when they meet, with nothing to tell them apart other than hair style ).

In contrast, the old DC Power Girl left Krypton as a baby, and was raised in a 'Matrix' style computer replica of Krypton while she slept, her unique symbioship arriving on Earth when she was aged around 19 or 20. Finding that the life she knew was a computer generated lie, she pushed onward on her new home of Earth, met her now much older cousin Superman ( they both left Krypton as babies but his ship was much faster ) and with her notable independent streak assumed the name of Power Girl for her Superheroics to forge her own path rather than sit in his shadow. A year or two later ( in comic time not real time ) a multiverse crisis resulted in her being on an alternate Earth ( the main DC Earth from 1986/7 to 2011 ) with her memories in flux. At this point she was told that her previous memories of being a Kryptonian on Earth were just as false as her life on the Symbioship generated Krypton, and that she was an ancient Atlantean Princess, only for much later to be told that this was also a lie and that she was in fact from Krypton. In spite of all this, her response was always pretty much to outwardly dust herself down and push forward.

Basically, Power Girl has always had a certain amount of existential angst and doubt behind her smile, eye rolling, and outward confidence, ( and this is in part where her temper probably would come from ), and it was something that Supergirl never suffered from. Yet this has been thrown away in the comics, and with this and everything else stripped from the character ( that had developed her into someone interesting ), what is left is not Power Girl.

And the sad thing is this is not seen as a bad thing by some. Although i doubt they were fans of the old DC character anyway.
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I'll admit it, the next Avengers movie really does look promising. With the promise of a Hulkbuster Iron Man Vs Hulk fight and the best looking design for the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit since the CGI animated series ( which was even cooler with the laser cannons mounted into the shoulders ) and Ultron...

In honesty, I'm shocked, stunned in fact, they have actually managed to make Ultron actually seem cool, which he never really felt to me in the comics back in the day, where he sometimes seemed rather... stupid to me ( i first saw the character in Secret Wars, where he made the critical error of threatening GALACTUS, to his face ). Maybe it was due to his mind being based on Hank - Antman, Giant man, i can't decide on an identity, one moment while i slap my wife - Pym, but he never came across as a first rate villain in spite of having an genius intellect and a body made of adamantium.

But movie Ultron... looks as though he's based more on Tony Starks Iron Man armour, so i'm hoping they will make him based on Tony Starks mind ( Ultrons speech pattern in the trailer is kind of similar to Tony Starks if you ask me, just before it goes into a lower growl) and make him a dark mirror to Iron Man. Whatever the case movie Ultron seems a potentially far superior and eloquent talking take on the character.

I'm looking forward to the next installment of 'Iron Man and some other Guys'... i mean 'Avengers-Age of Ultron'.
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