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Back after many, many years and finally producing something that wasn't a scrawl in pencil or pen, i'm now drawing directly digital, which i'm still getting to grips with.

I tend to draw a fair bit of fanart depending on my mood. At the moment my gallery has been somewhat dominated by Powergirl. I also draw other DC/Marvel/2000AD comic related images, anime or computer game fanart, my own original fantasy and sci-fi characters, and the occasional Transformer and Warhammer 40'000 image.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Pop, J-Pop, Classical, pretty much anything that sounds good to me
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime, Invader Zimm, Brock Samson,
I figure that it can't hurt to give my opinion about the trailers of the upcoming DC movies,  'Batman Vs Superman - Dawn of Justice' and 'Suicide Squad'.

I'm enthused about the Dawn of Justice film on the whole, but there seemed to be so much going on that it starts to make me struggle to see it fitting comfortably into a 2 hour film, with three major heroes appearing who will need screen time and development, as well as setting out the world in the shadow of the events of 'Man of Steel'. But it isn't impossible in the hands of a good writer and a good director.

The casting seems good on the whole, Henry Cavill is a great Superman, and Ben Affleck looks like he might be a solid Batman ( fingers crossed for a good Batman voice ),  while Gal Gadots Wonder Woman clearly looks the part ( with a decent looking costume and no silly wrist blades ) sadly we don't really see much of her. However, I'm not enthused about Jessie Eisenburgs Lex Luthor, but that is purely because i think Lex Luthor really should be an older, more established 'father of Metropolis' figure who seems benign and charming on the surface but is actually dimond hard and ruthless ( I stand by my opinion that Clancy Brown should have played an older Lex Luthor ), rather than some smugly charmless, creepy, rich whelp that Eisenburg will play with gusto.

As for how Superman and Batman come into conflict, Superman being mind controlled or even cloned are near the top of my guess list for Superman increasingly appearing like a threat that Batman has to take down. Anyhow, it looks good, although here's hoping it can lead to a brighter DC Heroes movie universe from the seemingly dark tones.

Speaking of dark tones, Suicide Squad, a movie about a collection of villains leaves me sort of enthused but also with mixed feelings, notably on Will Smith being Deadshot ( who is probably going to be the main character of the movie by the mid way mark once they kill off/injure Rick Flag ) while his costume is closer to the comics than i expected i doubt he will keep that mask on for very long. I'm a bit concerned Smith might take up more of the screen time than his character warrants ( also he's playing the Deadshot who has something to live for rather than the version who had a deathwish ).

The characters seem to either look in the spirit of the character or have been redesigned, the Enchantress has been altered a bit from her comic look into something almost akin to a bogwitch ( and i suspect she won't be as wittily snarky as she has been in the comics ), although Killer Croc looks near spot on to his original look from the 1980's, a big guy with a skin condition rather than a cross between Godzilla and the Hulk, which i think gives him the chance to display some personality. I have no idea who this El Diablo is ( i remember a good guy in the comics with the name but he had no powers ) so i suspect he is one of the teams 'redshirts' along with Slipknot, a villain i remember best in the comics because the much more formidable future member of the team, Duchess ( Duchess/Lashina - Two sides  ) found him bleeding in a swamp after his arm was blown off. Katanna looks similar to her current incarnation, but she isn't a character i would expect to see in the Squad, but then again in the comics the superheroine Vixen was a member for a while.

I have to admit i'm a bit put out by the style of Joker and Harley Quinn. Mostly i feel Harley when out of costume should have the visual deception of looking like the near idealised girl next door, who seems perfectly sweet right up to when she whips out that hammer/baseball bat.... The extensive tattos mar that a little. Also i could not detect a sign of her distinct Brooklyn accent, which is a pity but that might change ( maybe ).. As for this version of the Joker, he looks kind of like a stand in for Marilyn Manson :shrug:. I guess as long as he gets a beating from Batman/Deadshot/Rick Flag/Killer Croc, or even Harley Quinn, i don't really care that much ( although he might just appear in flashbacks ).

Overall i think the films have a lot of promise given the material it has to play around with, and i'll definitely watch the two movies when i get a chance.
So the DC event story Convergence ended, the DC Multiverse is now in full effect again and all characters killed off/erased previously are now potentially available for future use by any writer who can cobble a story for them. So what is my opinion on the event story ?

Well it was a mess, it ignored its own universes logic and continuity, focused on characters i didn't care about ( i'm sure someone is a fan of the revised Earth 2 characters though ) and the dialogue was pretty poor at times. Yet the event story was among the best of the mainstream DC event stories for the last 5 years, purely because it almost felt like it had a conclusion. Not that this actually makes it any good.

The more interesting part and the real meat of the event was with the offshoot stories that played out during the main story. Sadly they were a mixed bag, with more of the titles i had a look at being wasted opportunities to really give a showcase of DC's huge roster of characters. Of the titles i had a look at, only Dan Jurgens written Superman felt true to the character, everything else felt mildly skewed at best, which was a shame since instead of being something rather special the result has been that this all felt largely like filler, and that farce that was Justice League International almost felt like an attempt to kill off any interest of that era among new readers.

But now we have a new DC Universe ( sort of ), a multiverse that ensures everything is canon and nothing is canon, and characters can now in theory be portrayed however a writer feels with little concern for even bothering with a sense of consistency with what came before. But since the New 52 was already doing that, who will really notice. On the upside it should mean that writers can bring back characters from before the 2011 reboot with less difficulty, so that is a positive.

On a final note, whatever did happen to the Pandora character ? The one that with Barry Allen/Flash brought about the merged New 52 Universe to confront a mysterious threat and then pretty much disappeared even though she was touted as being a very important character ?
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Well it seems :iconcallmepo: is now permanently banned, and his gallery of about 10 years worth of artwork is to be purged by Sunday ( and I'm sure someone, somewhere, is having warm feelings about bringing this about ). It feels frankly wrong given that as i once said before, CallMePo's DeviantArt posted artwork was cartoony, playful and at times cheekily risque, but never mean spirited or unpleasant.

Yet according to DA's rules on underage fictional characters being depicted as adults, a picture of DC comic character Raven was deemed out of bounds, with her being depicted as an adult in a mild cheesecake pose bending over in her costume.

As DA's rules put it, "Characters which have been portrayed as a range of ages in their original media will be classified as underage or not based upon their average age over the series. Attempts to "age" the characters in order to depict them in a manner which would otherwise be prohibited will not be granted any exception."

This is rather awkwardly worded really and seemingly means in the eyes of DA, fictional characters who have long since grown up in the source material still count as underage ( and can not be drawn in any pose that might be seen as provocative to someone ) if they have ever been depicted as teenagers, so presumably Ravens fellow Titans ( Starfire, Flash, Nightwing, Cyborg, Donna Troy and Beast 'Boy' ) who have been adults in the comics for over 20 years but teens in their early days ( from around 1980 to 1987 they were teens, from 1987 until DC's 2011 reboot, they were adults, the math in the original media speaks for itself ) fall under this.

Of course this also surely applies to Spiderman, who started off as a teenager. Or most of the X-men. Or characters from the animated Avatar the last Airbender or Legend of Korra. Or a huge number of anime characters and RPG characters. Or Gwen Stacy ( so clearly no Frank Cho style renditions allowed on DA ). And hasn't Catwoman been depicted at least once as an underage character in the Batman comics ? if so i guess the moderators may have to do a mass purge of artwork by professional and hobbyist artists alike since she is often depicted as an adult in sexualised or provocative poses.

I'm making this silly, but it does start to get silly, and obviously they wouldn't do anything like that, since they are not so draconian. Which makes the apparently offending artwork of CallMePo's seem rather peculiar as grounds for removing him from the site, and their actions seem harsh over something so mild.

Oh, I understand and respect that each moderator tries to act within their own judgement as best as they can, i just think they should collectively act with a more even handed judgement at times, since i presume more than one individual calls the shots on these things.

As it stands, this just feels wrong to me.
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