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Back after many, many years and finally producing something that wasn't a scrawl in pencil or pen, i'm now drawing directly digital, which i'm still getting to grips with.

I tend to draw a fair bit of fanart depending on my mood. At the moment my gallery has been somewhat dominated by Powergirl. I also draw other DC/Marvel/2000AD comic related images, anime or computer game fanart, my own original fantasy and sci-fi characters, and the occasional Transformer and Warhammer 40'000 image.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Pop, J-Pop, Classical, pretty much anything that sounds good to me
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime, Invader Zimm, Brock Samson,
When i think about it, DC comics' The New 52 reboot has been a gift to writers who didn't want to adhere to the old continuity, and whose takes on the characters would have been previously considered 'Elseworld' at best ( DC's line of comics that dealt with unusual takes on recogniseable characters that was sadly shut down in the mid 2000's, with concepts such as a Victorian Era Batman, or a Soviet Union raised Superman ) and curious/horrid/missing the point fan fiction at worst.
My teeth still grind whenever i consider 'Worlds Finest' and it's i'm a good girl ( and daughter of Earth 2 Bruce Wayne ) Huntress and look at/sleep with me Powergirl. The revised characterisations irritated considerably and they made me really miss the on-the-edge firebrand ( and not Bruce Waynes daughter ) Huntress and the overtly aggressive, but kind hearted and mildly conservative ( in behavior if not in dress choices :) ) Powergirl from the 1986-2011 DC universe. Admittedly this is only how i interpreted the characters and i only managed to last about 7 issues of the New 52's World's Finest, but those early issues are meant to form the characters for the readers.

Anyhow, while the New 52 characters are 'Best Friends Forever and ever and ever', the previous DC Universe versions weren't friends, at all. They couldn't be, and they had had very few if any conversations ( the most memorable was blurred with a Psycho Pirate Illusion which brought back Powergirls buried memories of Earth 2, presumably because someone really wanted to bring aspects of the characters 1970's continuity back while ignoring the 1980's and 1990's ). The two heroines 1986-2011 era personalities would have rubbed each other up the wrong way if they had spent any real time together, given that Huntress was often on the verge of killing criminals while Powergirl was against killing. It might have been a greater challenge to pair them together in the New 52 had they retained their personalities, although it might have made a more interesting comic. Having two characters who are far more at odds than Superman and Batman, who might really dislike like the methods and attitudes of the other, but ultimately have to work together to return to their own universe. But this was just not the case.

I presume Worlds Finest writer Paul Levitz's work does kind of hark back to the first few years of Powergirl and the Huntress before the 1986/7 reboot, when they were indeed friends, and Huntress was the daughter of  Earth 2's Bruce Wayne, so I suppose he's putting the characters to how he always wanted them to be, which is his right as the writer. Or perhaps he's been firmly instructed by higher ups to take it in the direction it has, which has apparently happened with a lot of comic writers over the years. Either way it doesn't make it good though.

Still, i'm sure the current readers have no problem with the characterisations, as was pointed out to me by a new reader, this was how the characters were for them, and they had no problem with it. Which is a point, i guess.
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I think that Man of Steel was a good movie, i preferred it over the 'has some nice moments but really needed more work' Superman Returns, and it's interpretation of Superman was actually really nicely done. My biggest complaints are more with minor things in the plot and things such as the 'back and forth in time' storytelling, which while it suited Batman, ill fits Superman somehow as well as the slightly confusing grasp on how Supermans powers function.

The idea that the combination of Earths atmosphere and solar radiation making him strong is fine, different but fine, yet the idea that coming into contact with Kryptons atmosphere would rob him of his abilities felt a little odd. I mean i liked that Kryptons atmosphere or one like it had Superman feeling ill and gasping for air, that was fine, since Superman should have to breath and a change of atmosphere should affect him, but the idea of it robbing him of his strength and durability even with 30 years of solar radiation pumping into him felt peculiar and unneeded. Also Zod and his crew gained control over their superpowers curiously quick, but again, minor quibbles with the writing that could ( and should ) have easily have been all ironed out.

Anyway lets look at the moment where it seemed to divide a lot of fans, his action of breaking Zod's neck. I have no problem with it. It was done in desperation, there is no elation in his actions, no quip or joke, instead there is regret, more regret than 'i don't kill' Batman expressed for leaving his former father figure/teacher Ra's Al Gul to die in 'Batman Begins' with the line "i won't kill you, but that doesn't mean i have to save you" ( Funny thing is back in the mid 1990's comics, Batman was very critical of his replacement Jean-Paul Valley having that very attitude ).

It's also worth noting Superman killed Zod years ago in the comics back in the late 1980's, only that time it was a calculated if reluctant execution by Kryptonite for Zod and his followers for wiping out all life on an alternate Earth and threatening to do the same to Supermans own Earth. With no witnesses to his act and no one to confide in about what he had done, the personal failure to live up to his own standards tore at Superman's mind, resulting in him leaving Earth for a time until he finally resolved to in future always find another way regardless of who he faced. Now the movie version handled it differently, since it pretty much gave him a Lois Lane who knew he was Superman to confide in, so he wouldn't have to leave Earth to reach that same 'never kill again' policy.

Another thing that bothers some was the level of destruction ( which was a bit much, i want to see Superman try and prevent that sort of thing in the next movie ), but this does explain why he becomes the guardian of specifically Metropolis, a city that in the film he had zero link to and had never even been to until the battle with Zod's forces. After the destruction wrought in Metropolis, the city is arguably now his responsibility, he owed it to the cities people to atone for his fellow Kryptonians actions. As for why Superman kept punching people through and into things, it's worth noting that he has had very little actual practice with his powers, and has never been in an actual fight with anyone until Zod's forces attack. It is practically the second day on the job of wearing the tights for Superman.

This inexperience contrasts with the horridly characterised animated Justice League War movie ( his first New 52 animated appearance ) where an almost smugly superior Superman with far greater control of his abilities ( such as precision heat vision and super speed ) behaves in an arguably irresponsible manner as he punches the outclassed Green Lantern and Batman around a populated area that he could have avoided.

Another plus point for Man of Steel was in the casting, Amy Adams made a pleasant Lois Lane ( although with her striking hair colour you might have thought she should have been cast as Lana Lang but i like her as Lois) and Russle Crow made a very likeable Jor-El. In fact most of the cast were pretty good, with even Kevin Costner playing Johnathan Kent as a concerned -to a worrying fault- father about his sons safety. As for the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill was excellent. Whereas Brandon Routh seemed to give a slightly awkward vibe when in the costume, Henry Cavill seems completely comfortable wearing the 'S' as much as he was in jeans.You could see it in his performance, whenever his Clark Kent was 'Superman' he almost resonated a reassuring and certain presence to everyone, even though we the audience knew he was completely winging it and was clueless and doubtful about himself, which provided a very likeable, very human Superman that to me felt much like the comics John Byrne reboot of 1986/87 ( which as far as i know first brought up the point that while it was his Krypton heritage that made him 'Super', it was his life on Earth that had made him 'Human' ). Even when he brought down a drone that had been spying on him in front of the military guy in a dramatic fashion towards the end, instead of coming across as intimidating or threatening he was polite, reasonable, and personable.

In fact Man of Steels Superman seemed at times more like the old modern era DC Superman than the Current New 52 version.
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 'JLA/JSA - Virtue and Vice' was a 2002 story involving the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, and was written by Geoff Johns and David Goyer, ( before Johns was given creative room to develop his habit of having characters killed off and limbs ripped off ). The story involves a scheme of JLA foe Despero, and JSA foe Johnny Sorrow unleashing the trapped seven sins ( embodiments of avarice, gluttony, envy, pride, wrath, lust, and sloth ) onto the world with members of both teams acting as the conduits for the seven entities. Who all bow before ( a peculiarly calm about the situation ) President Luthor.

With the heavy hitters of the JLA and JSA ( Superman, Flashes, Wonderwoman, etc ) trapped in limbo or the tower of Fate, or incapacitated by the assault of their possessed comrades, it falls to several less powerful or reserve members ( such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna or Dr Midnight ) to uncover the true cause of the problems. The choices of the sins for host bodies included Batman being possessed by Wrath, Mr Terrific by Pride, Captain Marvel by Gluttony, Plastic Man by Avarice, Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern by Envy, Powergirl by Lust ( nearly as lazy as Batman being possessed by Wrath ), and Dr Fate by Sloth. Each one then fans the flame of discord and chaos wherever they go, inciting riots and destruction in their own particular fashion.

Can the trapped JLA and JSA members escape their mystical prisons ?, can the remaining members face the upcoming threat behind the Sins ? Will Powergirl ever be able to live down licking Supermans face, along with her telling a mass of rioting men that there is plenty of her to go around ? And why didn't Captain Marvel start breaking into fast food outlets and gorge himself on food ? Some of these questions will be answered by the end of the book.

The story is good, lacking a lot of the mean spirited brutality that rises too often to the surface in John's more recent work and i find it much more classically DC and satisfying to read with good artwork throughout. Funny thing is the plot could have easily have been used to good effect in a longer story arc, with the Sins influence gradually taking effect ( so Batman could have been getting overly violent with criminals over time for example ). Yet as it is the pace is good and when i think about it, it would have made a decent animated movie.

Additionally, it was nice to see Captain Atom actually make a cameo appearance, even if he had little to do except briefly come face to face with Johnny Sorrow ( not a good idea, to look at Sorrows face will kill most individuals ) get sent forward in time by the stress of accessing too much of his own energies, and then accidentally knock Despero away from the White House when he reappears ( which is the full interaction he has ever had with Despero, i'm not even sure Despero knows his name or that he is a Justice League member ) during the stories big brawl at the end.

Virtue and Vice is also something of a prequel, of sorts, to the 2003 Batman/Superman Public Enemies story ( which was turned into an animated film that pretty much improved on the comic, making for a much tighter story, i might give that movie a proper review at some point ) since it was after this that Captain Atom would have had a chance to recruit Powergirl from the JSA into his government backed team that would try to arrest Superman and Batman.

Anyhow, for any fan of the JSA, the JLA, or just a reader looking for a relatively self contained story set in the classic DC Universe, it's worth having a look.
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